Pinning Ain't Easy

Pinning Ain't Easy is a podcast that I and Gail ( from gailcreativedesign) created where we talk about all things sewing and fashion related and all the struggles of being a seamstress. Please visit our Anchor page to have a listen we will upload monthly starting August 2018. Also, if you have any questions about sewing we will answer on the show just shoot us an email at railroadstudios1@gmail.com anytime before the end of that month and you could hear your question being answered on the podcast. 

Here is the podcast so far:

Episode 1: Are you really a designer?

There are designers who can sew and/or draw, and those who can not. We find out who is really a designer on this podcast from actual designers and, there's a part two.

Episode 2: Who has the best sewing patterns?

In this episode, we discuss who has the best sewing patterns and, rank each brand from what we think is best and worst. Also, we talk about our experience with each brand such as, how easy it is to read the instructions and so forth.

Episode 3: Know Your Needle

The third episode in the Pinning Ain't Easy podcast is now available on Anchor. In this episode, we discuss the importance of (sewing machine) needle care, how to troubleshoot problems caused by the needle, and choosing the correct needle for your sewing project. Since there is more than one type of needle when it comes to crafting Know Your Needle is going to be a three-parter series within the podcast where we will also be discussing crocheting & knitting and, hand sewing needles in later episodes.