Rail M. is an artist/seamstress/photographer from Georgia. Her journey as an artist started in 2008 when she got accepted into the art program at Tri-Cities High School. She is now currently pursuing her dreams of becoming a game developer. Her mother is a seamstress and taught her and my sisters how to sew at a very young age. She started taking sewing seriously when I was 14 when she got into cosplay and made over 20 costumes. Rail is a former writer for The Nurdmedia Project for a couple of years. In ninth grade, she took up photography as a hobby and would take pictures of flowers, trees, and self-portraits.  In 2016 she got her first gig as a photographer, as a wedding photographer.


Rail Road Studio was founded in 2015 as an art and photography company. The company focuses on producing high-quality artwork at an affordable price.