Thursday, April 25, 2019

April Goals and Progress for Adventures of Yi

Hey birdie birds!

One of the biggest goals is to get a working prototype in 2 months. April has been a busy month in game development for us in the 2 years, the game has been in development there has been very slow progress (due to me being a full-time college student and working part-time). There's has been a break in development and here are a few things that got done this month.


I have gotten a total of 7 cutscenes done for the game which is a very big deal since it is a story driven game. Also, I have finished the rough draft of chapter 1 and, some of chapter 2 started. As far as character development (skills, weapons, armor, and story) it's slow but steady here's a visual understanding:

(the bottom 2 characters are locked until later chapters)


Two of the bosses and optional bosses are finished. Four of the side quests are complete and I've added in a mini-game. I have been able to play through battles without encountering a bug.

(plugin: mjshi, cards: zael bg:me)


As far as music I haven't created any in weeks! I've haven't felt inspired at all!

I'll go into depth with all the details in a video that will be over on Youtube.

Thanks for reading!

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