Saturday, August 18, 2018

A New Project! Back to School Budgies + Giveaway winners!!

Hey, birdie birds!

Since it is August and that means back to school for some of us (including me), I wanted to create a special theme wallpaper for this month and the theme is (drum roll please)...... Back to School!!!! For this, artwork, I wanted to create something that represents the main school troupes so there's the lineup as follows (left to right):

Cooking club
Art club
Bookworm or...bird

The cooking club is one of the clubs that I wanted to join but, didn't. I don't know if cooking clubs still exist (I've been out of grade school for 6 years so, I really hope so). Art club was the easiest for me since it was the only club I've ever joined in school so, was bookworm because the library was where I would spend my lunch break instead of going to the cafeteria. The uniform took forever since I don't watch nor play soccer, I spent hours researching uniforms to find one that looks cool. This wallpaper is free to download, I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did drawing it. Lastly the winners for the emotes will be announced on my Instagram page @railroadstudios later on today.